Friday, December 5, 2008

Absinthe Pacifique

Well, our Absinthe Pacifique has been in the tank for about a month now. We have almost 200 liters in the aging tank and we are planning on another 200 liter distillation in the next two weeks. For those of you who are interested, our Absinthe Pacifique has been made in exact accordance with an 1855 French recipe, using only organically-grown botanicals. Much of the Grande wormwood and Roman wormwood used was grown in our own herb garden. We hope to have our label approval within the next few weeks and to begin bottling.


Tom aka "Green Baron" said...

Excellent! Godspeed on the final TTB approval and bottling. Very much looking forward to Pacifique!

cwlovell13 said...

So this is a french recipe? :( I am partial to Swiss, but being local brewed I may have to give it a shot anyway... Any predictions on costs for a couple bottles of first run?

Garvey said...

Congrats, man. And Merry Christmas. May your family be blessed as richly in the next year as you have during this one.


Doctor Love said...

Can't wait, best of luck on the label approval!

The Absinthe Review Network said...

I'd wish you the best of luck on the success of your absinthe, but in your case I doubt any luck will be required!

Happy New Year!