Friday, December 3, 2010

Pacifique Absinthe makes Wine Enthusiast Magazine's "Top 50 Spirits of 2010" list.

In the upcoming issue of Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Pacifique Absinthe has been chosen to be included in the "Top 50 Spirits of 2010." We can't begin to describe how we feel about this honor. It was less than two years ago that we distilled our first batch of Pacifique Absinthe and we couldn't be more proud. I encourage all of you to check out this link and perhaps pick up an issue of the magazine when it becomes available. The description of Pacifique Absinthe is thus:

91 Pacifique Absinthe Verte Supérieure
(Pacific Distillery LLC, Woodinville,
WA, U.S.); 62% abv, $64. Yellow-green color
and a pronounced citrus/lime and vegetal fennel
aroma. Viscous, thick mouthfeel and strong alcohol
sting prior to louching. Initially, this absinthe has a
tart flavor, although ice water coaxes out more
herbal and grassy notes and the lingering finish is
smoothed with a touch of anise sweetness.