Monday, September 11, 2017

Here is an update on some of the doings at Pacific Distillery. If you've followed our Facebook posts you would know that we have been working on creating a brandy that is made in the accordance to the esteemed distillers of Cognac, France. As of now we have two years of Cognac-style brandy aging in the barrels. We hope to release the first batch in early 2018, with another release in 2019. We also are working at making some cocktail flavoring bitters. We have recreated three distinct bitters from the 19th century. In the parlance of old bitters manufacturers, we have created an Aromatic bitters, Citrus bitters, and a "Tropical" bitters. We are currently working through the government approval process on these bitters, and have yet to give them commercial names. Also, we have gone forward with a new bottle type for our Voyager Gin and Vodka. This new bottle is easier to grip and pour, and has a more "modern" spirits look to it. And last, but not least, we are in the process of releasing a "white" or "la bleu" absinthe. Look for it in the new year.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Well, it's time we dusted off this blog. There are some interesting things happening at the distillery and in addition to posting on our Facebook page, we plan on providing more in-depth discussions of distillery happenings on this blog. Here is a label from our latest product, Voyager Small-Batch Vodka. We created this vodka soon after we opened our tasting room in June of 2014. At that time we only made or Pacifique Absinthe and Voyager Gin. Many of our visitors were requesting vodka so we decided to make one for them. It is available at our tasting room and a few select bars and retailers in Washington State.