Friday, April 8, 2011

Pacific Distillery strikes Gold and Double Gold!

We are very please to announce that Pacific Distillery has struck Gold...Gold Medals that is, in this year's San Francisco International Spirits Competition. Voyager Gin was awarded a Double Gold Medal and Pacifique Absinthe was awarded a Gold medal. We are proud that Voyager Gin was one of only five Double Gold medals awarded. To win a Double Gold, all the judges must award the spirit entrant a Gold Medal. The San Francisco International Spirits Competition is considered the most authoritative and definitive spirits judging competiton in the world. Over 1100 products from 61 different countries were entered. Judging is based on a blind consensual procedure ensuring competitive integrity, making this the most reputable and recognized competition in the spirits industry. More information can be found here:


Anonymous said...

I've been drinking Pacifique Absinthe for the first time, and I just love it. Absolutely wonderful!

However, I do have one concern with which you might be able to offer some help or reassurance.

I've noticed a lot of tiny black specks in the absinthe, for no apparent reason. Checking online, I've found one or two references to the same phenomenon-- very tiny black particulates in the absinthe. But no one has elaborated on what these are or whether they are of any concern.

Are these black specks normal and completely harmless? Or do they indicate that something is wrong with the way the absinthe is being stored? Are there any safety or health issues involved? Or is it just a harmless unique phenomenon in this particular absinthe?

I am very grateful for any help that anyone can offer on this question and, again, I thank you for producing such a wonderful product.

A. Carrozza

Marc Bernhard said...

Those black speckles are definitely herb particles and are completely harmless. They are the result from a naturally-made/colored absinthe. When filtering an absinthe prior to bottling, it is a fine line to walk to filter it enough to avoid the speckles from occurring, and removing some of the herbal flavor. The whole point of adding the herbal maceration post distillation is to add flavor...the color is just accidental to the process. FWIW, the black speckles are the result of very fine (not visible to the human eye) herbal material at the time of coloring coming back together later after bottling. I've had bottles of pre-ban that had speckles and tasted just fine.