Monday, November 9, 2009

Our new marketing reach in the Seattle Weekly

Well, we've done it. Pacific Distillery has purchased some advertising in the Seattle Weekly. It is our first real foray into advertising in a regional setting. The ads began to run last week and will continue through the New Year's edition. As some of you may remember, Seattle Weekly was the first media to write about our new distillery.

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Daniel said...

Howdy. As a former Oly denizen I was happy to see a little Washington State on my bar's shelf this week. I work at Jardiniere in San Francisco where we recently stopped serving Tanq. 10. When a guest requested just that, I ran the quandry past my bar manager, who on careful consideration recommended Voyager to me. The guest was thrilled after one and had two more to boot. I'm looking forward to trying you myself.