Thursday, April 23, 2009

Voyager Single-Batch Distilled Gin on The Small Screen Network

A good friend of the distillery, Robert "Drink Boy" Hess, is not only known for his wit and charm, he is also quite the cocktail guru. As many of you may know, Robert has created a special cocktail known as the "Clipper Ship" featuring, and based on, our gin and absinthe. He is also host of Small Screen Network's Internet-based show, "The Cocktail Spirit."
Robert recently produced an episode featuring Voyager Gin in an interesting new cocktail creation, "The Petruchio" from Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew.
Take a look:


Small Screen said...

You can see more of our cocktail related series at


Anonymous said...

Hi Marc: Just went to Crown Hill. Only one bottle left. Will Pacifique be there regularly?

Marc Bernhard said...

Yes, Pacifique has just been selected to be in all WSLCB-owned stores as a listed item. I would guess that it will be there by mid to late June on a regular basis. Check down below for other Seattle area stores that have some stock (I know Woodinville still has a few).

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Can you buy Pacifique at the Woodinville distillery?

Marc Bernhard said...

Unfortunately, no. We only sell through established retailers. For Washington State, that would be the WSLCB stores. Another update regarding the rollout of Pacifique. It will not be in all the stores. Due to Pacifique being a "high-end" item, it will only be in the "Class A" stores here in Washington.