Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our first bottling of Voyager Gin

Yesterday we bottled our first batch of Voyager Single-Batch Distilled Gin. In addition to our family helping out we had a few volunteers with the work. The first part of the process was to bring the still strength gin from 156 proof down to the drinking strength of 84 proof. This was done by blending in purified water and testing it for proof.

The next step was to fill the bottles. The newly proofed spirit is now pulled through via a sterile filter into the bottle filler. The picture below shows us filling a test bottle to insure accurate filling of the bottles.

The next step is to actually fill and hand cork the bottles.

The next part of the process is to apply our labels. Here you see my daughter Anastasia applying the labels.

The next step is to seal the bottles and place them into cases.

And here's the finished product. Feel free to go to your local liquor store and ask them to stock our fine Voyager Single-Batch Distilled Gin.


Anonymous said...

Everything looks very professional and great. Congrats again! To see G&C while corking is priceless:) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures, Marc! What a wonderful day for you.

I look forward to buying some at the local establishment.


Anonymous said...

Congrats again on Voyager Gin! Hopefully we'll see it someday down south along with the Pacifique!

Anonymous said...

Will you post where I can buy this once you are out in stores?

Would love to try!

Unknown said...

Love it, I'm heading north across the Columbia from Portland to pester the folks in the Vancouver WSLCB stores about stocking Voyager!

Any movement on Pacifique?

tallgirl said...

I became obsessed with your gin due to Murray at Zig Zag Cafe and also due to a friend named Rocky. I had to pick up a bottle before I came home to LA. I will be stalking the head bartender at my favorite place (the Hungry Cat in Hollywood & Santa Barbara) about stocking it. :D